What is The Brand Academy?




The Brand Academy (TBA) is a 10-hour intensive branding course designed to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals create an impactful brand. TBA takes participants through a series of lessons that help you dive deeper beyond your logo or website to uncover the character & personality or your brand.


Upon completion of The Brand Academy, participants will have learned how to view & approach branding holistically. This course is for those who are serious about truly understanding their brand & bringing it to life.

Who is The Brand Academy for?











Why The Brand Academy?

  • Hands on assistance in helping you to cultivate & build your brand

  • Gain a comprehensive knowledge on branding

  • Learn tips & gain resources on branding you can use in the future

  • Create clarity & focus on your brand

  • Gain a better understanding of your audience and competition

  • Create consistency across the board;  offline & online

  • Ensure that you are making the best first impression 

  • Save money (Branding services, on average, start at $10,000 and up)

When is The Brand Academy?

NOVEMBER 8-9, 2019

Where is The Brand Academy?


What will I receive at The Brand Academy?

As a participant of The Brand Academy, not only will you be equipped with the knowledge to effectively brand your business and/or yourself successfully, but you will also gain the hands on experience of branding yourself and/or your business in the academy; meet & connect with new people who could potentially be a new client, business partner or investor; and save

THOUSANDS of dollars on branding!

On top of the networking, financial, and informational benefits, the academy provides you with:

The Brand Academy Binder 

The Brand Academy Mini Guide

The Brand Academy Bag

Light Breakfast


Discounts with our B2B branding partners

You & your business/brand highlighted on our online platforms

Cost to attend The Brand Academy

Your investment into The Brand Academy is:

Early Bird' Rates (Deadline Sept. 30th)


General Admission (Oct. 1st - Oct. 31st)


*Payment requires $250 nonrefundable seat reservation due immediately, and balance due 7 days before the academy starts.

*The Brand Academy is valued at $1,250.

Apply to The Brand Academy

 Collaborations & Partners 

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